Recognition leads to success! The best way we can help kids achieve their potential is to help build and reinforce their confidence. By recognizing children's achievements, they feel motivated and inspired to achieve more. Recognition is key to confidence.

We offer custom donation and competition programs.


Our KIDS LOVE TO® Write website seeks to recognize children's efforts and achievements in writing. We do this by publishing their stories and poems online and in print.

The founder of this publishing initiative is Max G. At 8 years of age, Max formed the Max's Young Writers Club. Max, who loves to write, is also a contributor to the website. He invites other children to publish their writings. This concept developed into the current KIDS LOVE TO® Write website and, thereafter, the website series.

We publish children's stories and poems on this website (online) We also offer illustration and graphics services to enhance the look of the writings.

Online Publishing: A web page is set up for each child who contributes their writings. We also provide customized personal websites for those children who would like to have their own unique website.

Illustration and Graphics services: Our logo and illustration for A Bear Driving A Fast Car (Max's first published book) was created by artist Ana Benaroya. If you are interested in having her draw a customized illustration for your book, please contact us. You may view Ana's website for some of her artwork.

Please review the Privacy Policy. We take the privacy and security of our writers seriously. It is critical that we protect the identities of all contributors to this website. We do not give out ANY personal information. Only upon parental/guardian request and approval are last names indicated on the website or in print.  

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